New European Bauhaus (NEB)

New European Bauhaus (NEB) three new calls for projects

The Commission announced three new calls for projects to make the new European Bauhaus a reality. They are intended to help citizens, cities and villages integrate the new European Bauhaus project in detail in their communities.

The first and second calls launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT),focus on citizen engagement activities and co-creation of public spaces with citizens. The projects selected under the first call the first call will help citizens adopt more sustainable habits and develop new products, services or solutions.

It will also help community members to become drivers of change. Projects in the second call will invite local actors to inspire and reflect on public spaces in cities, urban and rural areas in their ideas by creating new solutions for the future.

The third and final call provides technical assistance to small and medium-sized municipalities that lack the capacity and expertise to translate project ideas related to the new European Bauhaus.

On 7 April, the Commission will launch the New European Bauhaus laboratory as a space for reflection and action on co-creation and testing processes for tools, solutions and policy recommendations, as announced in September 2021..

For more information on the calls see on link.