“Europe is Also Your Cup of Coffee”: EUROPE DIRECT Launches Tour to Engage Citizens A.head of European Elections 2024

EUROPE DIRECT – the network of the European Commission – is excited to announce the launch of the Europe.Coffee Tour, an innovative initiative aimed at fostering direct engagement with citizens across Europe ahead of the upcoming European Elections.


In a world where effective communication is key, EUROPE DIRECT recognizes the importance of meeting people where they are - in the heart of their communities, over a stimulating cup of coffee. The Europe.Coffee, affectionately named Europa.Cafe, is a mobile cafe on wheels, ingeniously converted from an Ape with an electric motor and adorned in the colors of the European Union. It will traverse bustling streets and vibrant squares, providing a relaxed environment for conversations about Europe.


At each stop along the Alps-Adriatic Europa.Cafe Tour, which includes the following cities Karlovac (16th of March), Rijeka (17th of March), Trieste (18th of March), Tolmezzo (19th of March), and Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (19th of March), the EUROPE DIRECT team will be on hand to address all manner of questions about the European Union. The primary goal of the tour is to connect with citizens, understand their perspectives on European issues, and stimulate thoughtful discourse about the upcoming European Elections.


"We believe that every citizen in Europe is also a European, and it's crucial for us to engage with them directly," said Marc Germeshausen for EUROPE DIRECT Carinthia. "Through the Europe.Coffee Tour, we aim to create awareness and spark conversations about the significance of European unity and the importance of participating in the democratic process."


This marks the first-ever Alps-Adriatic Europa.Cafe Tour, an ambitious endeavor to extend the conversation beyond borders and involve neighboring countries in the dialogue. Under the theme "Europe is also your cup of coffee," the tour seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding and inform citizens about the upcoming European Elections.


EUROPE DIRECT Karlovac invites citizens from all walks of life to join them at the Europa.Cafe on Saturday, March 16th 2024 at 11AM on the Promenade of Dr. Franjo Tuđman (near the Music Pavilion) and enjoy a cup of coffee, and share their thoughts on Europe's future. te uživaju u šalici kave i podijele svoja razmišljanja o budućnosti Europe.

Together, let's brew a brighter tomorrow for Europe.