European Youth Week is an opportunity to discuss topics that are important to young people, present opportunities for EU support in the field of youth and share good experiences so far. It is the largest European gathering for youth and the youth sector in Europe. The main organizers are the National Agency for Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Force, as well as the Eurodesk network. European Youth Week 2021 will be held mainly at national level and online. d From 24 to 30 May, various interesting and inspiring events on the theme "Our future in our hands" will take place throughout Europe. We are building the future today, and you are the ones who set goals and can drive positive change. In addition, new EU youth programs are being launched this year, for the period 2021-2027. The new Erasmus + and European Solidarity Forces allow you to become more involved in society, contribute to green initiatives, acquire the digital skills you will need and be more inclusive and open to diversity.

Following the European Youth Week, one such event was also organized by the Karlovac Cinema Club in Karlovac. Young people had the opportunity to watch European films and the representative of Europe direct Karlovac gave a lecture on the topic of opportunities for young people and the programs offered by the EU to young people.

The lecture was held on the Small Stage on Friday 28.5. at 12:00 p.m. Young people got acquainted with the programs and asked questions about youth programs, and at the end the representative of ED Karlovac handed them promotional materials.