On November 21, 2023, the presentation of the Union program was held in Karlovac, organized by Europe Direct Karlovac, the Creative Europe Desk - Culture at the Ministry of Culture and Media, the National Contact Point of the Union Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Program at the Office for Associations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia . The director of the Public Institution of the Regional Development Agency of the Karlovac County, Sandra Cindrić, gave an introductory address to all present, and the workshop program itself was divided into two parts

This was followed by the presentation of the CERV program - Citizens, equality, rights and values, where Saša Šegrt, advisor in the Office for Associations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, pointed out that it is the largest program in the history of the European Union intended to promote and protect the values of democracy, the rule of law, fundamental rights, equality, equality, the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination, transparency and good governance, and the Union's program Creative Europe - sub-program Culture was presented by Morana Bigač Leš. Through the presentation of both mentioned programs, their main features were highlighted, as well as current information about the currently open and upcoming Public Calls in 2024. Gabrijela Mamić from LAB852 presented the MusicVille project, which is financed through the Creative Europe program in partnership with Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, and is also implemented in Karlovac County. It aims to transform the classical European musical form of Opera into a new, innovative and creative collaboration inspired by environmental awareness, nature, local crafts and tradition.

In the second part, we were introduced to the Funding and Tender Opportunities (FTOP) portal, and heard practical advice for the successful preparation of project proposals, as well as examples of good practice.

The event was attended by representatives of civil society organizations, public law bodies, institutions operating in cultural and creative activities, and other interested potential applicants.

Finally, we invite you to follow the web pages:

For the CERV program:

- website www.cerv.hr and subpage of the Office for Associations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia - https://bit.ly/3fcz9hn
- FB page Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values program - CERV Croatia - https://bit.ly/3K5Pdja
Funding & tender opportunities portal - https://bit.ly/33c1ZvQ / / https://bit.ly/31OTSoc / / https://bit.ly/3Fm2tN0

For the Creative Europe - Culture program:
- web DKE - Culture https://bit.ly/3K7ddlN
- FB Creative Europe Desk - Culture Office Croatia https://bit.ly/3zPQhCR
Funding & tender opportunities portal https://bit.ly/3I0Lq4z