What is coming up in 2022?

Digitalna pitanja, javno zdravstvo i put prema klimatskoj neutralnosti među glavnim su temama Parlamenta za 2022. Evo što nas sve očekuje.

Conference on the Future of Europe aims to give all Europeans the opportunity to influence how the EU should change. The Conference should reach its conclusions in the first half of 2022 based on people’s recommendations.

Digital transformation is one of the EU's top priorities. The European Parliament is helping to shape policies which will strengthen Europe's capacity in new digital technologies, open up new opportunities for businesses and consumers, support the EU's green transition and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, support citizens' digital skills by training, and help digitization of public services, while ensuring respect for fundamental rights and values.

Health – amidst continued concern about Covid-19, members of the European Parliament are set to agree to strengthen the European Medicines Agency with the aim of increasing transparency around clinical trials during a public health emergency and to better tackle shortages of medicines and medical devices.

Achieving carbon neutrality by reducing emissions, increasing energy from renewable sources and sustainable fuels. All this will contribute to the EU's carbon neutrality by 2050. They are part of the Commission's package of legislative cases that will be discussed and voted on during 2022.

Sustainable batteries - the use of batteries is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, as they are key to meeting the demand for electric mobility and making the shift towards renewable energy. As part of the EU's new circular economy action plan and the European industrial strategy, Parliament will work on rules for the sustainable production, application and waste management of all batteries placed on the EU market.

Fair wages Parliament is ready to start talks in the coming months on rules for fair minimum wages in all EU countries. In November 2021, members of the European Parliament welcomed the proposal from the Commission and adopted its position to negotiate with member states. Reducing the gender pay gap is also a priority for Parliament.

Recovery plans - members of the European Parliament will continue to hold meetings with the Commission to scrutinise the progress of the recovery plans and make sure that the money borrowed at EU level is spent wisely in EU countries.

Migration members of the European Parliament seek to coordinate migration, asylum, integration and border management policies across the EU.

Election of Parliament President – as Parliament is crossing the half-way mark of the legislative term, members of the European Parliament will vote in January 2022 to elect a President and Vice-Presidents for the next two-and-a-half years.

Special committees - in addition to the committees on artificial intelligence and fighting cancer, two other committees are finalising their work. The inquiry committee on the protection of animals in transport approved its report in December and it will be considered by all members of the European Parliament at the start of the year. The special committee on foreign interference is expected to propose in the spring measures to counter disinformation and other attempts against EU democracy. Istražni odbor za zaštitu životinja u prijevozu odobrio je svoje izvješće u prosincu i ono će biti razmotreno na plenarnoj sjednici početkom godine. Posebni odbor za vanjsko upletanje u proljeće treba predložiti mjere za suzbijanje dezinformacija i drugih pokušaja narušavanja demokracije EU-a.

European Year of Youth – 2022 is the European Year of Youth. Parliament is helping to shape the programme of the year’s activities and has asked that young people are also involved.

Source: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/eu-affairs/20211207STO18906/coming-up-in-2022-digital-issues-green-transition-health