„Farm to fork“ strategy

The Commission presented the 'farm to fork' strategy in May 2020, as one of the key actions under the European Green Deal. Contributing to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the strategy intends to shift the current EU food system towards a sustainable model.

While recalling food security and safety as priorities, the strategy's main goals are to:

  • • ensure sufficient, affordable and nutritious food within planetary limits
  • • halve the use of pesticides and fertilisers and sales of antimicrobial
  • • increase the amount of land devoted to organic farming
  • • promote more sustainable food consumption and healthy diets
  • • reduce food loss and waste
  • • combat food fraud in the supply chain
  • • improve animal welfare

Europe Direct Karlovac, in cooperation with Prirodoslavna škola Karlovac, has organised planting of fruit trees. The aim of that event itself was to emphasize the importance of sustainability, but also the importance of self-sufficiency of food in Europe. The event took place on November 10th 2021 in the orchard of Prirodoslovna škola Karlovac. Senior students held a short demonstration for their fellow colleagues on how to plant a tree; so that freshmen would know how to do it themselves. Apple, plum and pear trees were planted; all highly suitable species for this climate. The message that Europe Direct Karlovac wanted to spread was that European strategy can be carried out and also that it can be applied on regional, and local, level. Our obligation is to inform general public, but the emphasis should always be on youth – seeing as they are our future holders.

Source: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/hr/policies/from-farm-to-fork/